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When I’m not Here

When I started this blog several years ago I had this vision that I would create all these great posts, writing more days than not–a quick scroll reveals that while there may have been some great posts, they certainly haven’t been frequent. Reflecting on the situation, I suppose it’s like living the space between the dashes and doing the things in life that matter. Helping people negotiate difficult moments in their lives, nurturing my creative muse, being active in my wonderful family– most recently as a first time grandpa, enjoying the great outdoors, and so much more. My writing also matters and I try to keep up on it even if it rarely makes it here. And I like to think that my words have helped people take a few steps forward on their journey. It’s nice to think that I’m making a difference in this world.

We live in strange times to put it nicely and the current state of affairs have divided not only our country, but many of our families, like never before in my lifetime. That also keeps me off the page at times. It’s too easy to take sides and fan the flames of unrest, distrust, and anger even with seem to be neutral comments. I don’t want to do that myself nor give others the opportunity, so on all social media I remain quiet on the topic and find more meaningful ways to address things I find to be unsettling or unacceptable. I encourage you to do the same, find ways to engage that having meaning and make a difference, even if it simply means being quiet for awhile. Nurture your muse, go outside and find some nature to frolic in, be present with family and friends and learn to let go of what’s not important, what you don’t have control over.


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