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Healing with the Waves


Like a beautiful piece of beach glass each of us a unique creation capable of great things. Life is hard and sometimes we break as the more difficult times overtake us. And when we’re most broken, when we feel there is no hope, it can feel like we’re drowning. But similar to the broken, jagged glass in the water, time helps us heal and reforms us like the restless waves reshape the glass. Without the waves, the rocks, and the time underwater, the glass would remain jagged and broken. But over time the waves smooth the sharp edges and a gentle sheen begins to form. And as more time goes on, you slowly get closer to the shore and eventually you find yourself on the beach. It’s there that you begin to shine like a precious jewel sparkling in the sun. And if look you closely around the beach, you’ll see that you’re never truly alone. Each journey to the beach is unique, but the healing and wisdom that was gained along the way makes each journey precious. So let the beauty and uniqueness of each piece of beach glass teach us how, despite our difficult times and scars, we too are beautiful and unique.


No Signs


Sometimes you just have to figure things out on your own.

Keep Dreaming

X Cloud

A sign to aim high or a sign to stop or turn back? Either way, keep dreaming and keep reaching for those dreams, making your dreams become your reality.

What’s Still Here

Sometimes we spend too much time outside looking for what will always be gone. One must look within to find such things.


be in the moment


Sometimes you see best with eyes closed and your mind open . . .

Tracks from the Past

Were you there when the train left the station?

Nobody’s Home

Would you like to go inside and check?

Face Me

How do others see you?

Le Trompettiste étain joue pour vous