Photos and stories that attempt to understand the world we live in . . .

Finding Direction




As the day fades into the sunset, how do you reflect on the day’s messages? Each day brings more information than we could ever make sense of, with fine lines drawn between right and wrong, true and false. What do you listen to and what do you choose to tune out? What issues are important enough for you to seek out your own understanding of the truth? What issues are important enough for you to take action?

If we don’t consider these questions and choose to take no actions, we become complacent followers and life happens to us. When we begin to listen closely, our understanding of what’s important shifts. By questioning and seeking truth, we begin to shape our world, our lives. And as we begin to learn for ourselves, we begin to find direction.





You are Important

11312967_1015272491818342_2620243027197666809_oYou matter. Your voice matters. Your actions matter.

No Signs


Sometimes you just have to figure things out on your own.

In the Mist


Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s ahead. The path obscured by the morning fog, a gentle rain, or perhaps the tears in our eyes. Those are days we need to look deep within ourselves to find the strength and courage to reach out. As we begin to reach out, we find we are never truly alone no matter where our path has taken us in life. A realization that allows us to walk along knowing that we will find a hand to guide us out of the mist. Or maybe, we’ll find our own way to move along.

Standing in the wind





Where we Are

Here I am in the most unexpected ways.

A vision on the beach,

      a pleasant smell in the morning breeze.

A gentle touch on your cheek,

     a sparkle in your child’s eye.

Everywhere you are,

     I’m there with you.

Wherever I am,

     I’m always with you. 

Fishing for Reason

A brief encounter as we pass each other on this amazing journey. Soon the darkness falls and the music fades away. The beauty of your passing remains etched in my mind and my heart holds you close. I wonder if you’ve found a place where you can hear our song once again?

Be the Music of Life

May you find beauty in the music of life today and everyday. 

Today is yours–may you find joy and peace as you frolic through the gardens of your life. 

Keep Dreaming

X Cloud

A sign to aim high or a sign to stop or turn back? Either way, keep dreaming and keep reaching for those dreams, making your dreams become your reality.